Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Work From Luna 2006

Here is a look at one of our poems and one of our photos from Luna 2006.
We are still accepting submissions for Luna 2007. So why not submit and have your work showcased too!
by Michael Donatich
Memories, Fading

Staring in the mirror
A stream of blood slowly runs down my lip
Tears fill my eyes
Drifting memories, fading
I hare a small child crying, fading
Licking my lips, salty tears
Reminding me of when you left me
I can remember the smell of your perfume, sweet.
Te memory of your voice, loving, fading.
I feel lonely, you left me
I can’t remember
I’ve changed since you left me
I can’t remember
What did I feel when you were here?
What does it feel like not to be lonely?
I can’t remember
Faded, gone.
My inner child died with you

In memory of Dorothy Mason
by Alyson Mason

2007 Reading

Luna 2007 Debut is Scheduled for Tuesday May 8th, 2007.
Check Back we will keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Luna welcomes submissions of original fiction, poetry, photographs and art for publication in NCC’s student literary magazine, sponsored by the
Creative Writing Club.
All work must be clearly marked as submissions for Luna, and must include the author’s or artist’s name, mailing address and phone number (on each work, if submitting multiple items), accompanied with a floppy disk or CD-Rom with your work saved in Microsoft Word. Faculty may send their students’ as well as their own work to Prof. Barnard or Prof. Esposito, in their mailboxes located in the English Department in Bradley Hall. Students are welcome to personally drop off their submission while visiting the Creative Writing Club during club hour Tues. and Thurs. 11:30-12:45 in Bradley Hall, Rm. 218.
All submission will be read and responded to by the student editorial committee.

For information call (516) 572-7720, or email lunancc@yahoo.com

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Luna 2006
The May 4th reading turned out to be an intimate gathering.
The decorations were festive, and the buffet was delicious.
Everyone participated on the open mic.
The Creative Writing Club would like to thank everyone
for coming the reading.
Have a great summer!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Community College Humanities Association Annual Literary Magazine Competition 2005 Awards will be presenting Luna with a 3rd place Divisional Award for the Eastern Region.

Thanks to all the contributors, staff, and faculty advisors for making the 2005 issue a success.